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Why Manufactured Civil Unrest (or Civil War) Will Backfire On the Elite

The financial elite strive to destroy a vibrant middle class through agitating unrest and confrontation among the American people.  The objective - destroy what's left over from collapse of an economy based on fiat paper money and digits, and scoop up all the real assets ordinary people now have.  Will they succeed?  The answer depends largely upon you. 

Disarming the People is a key step in their plans.  An armed population simply cannot be sufficiently subdued or intimidated to allow such mass robbery and oppression.  It has been attempted in America before - and failed. 

Drone Country USA - 'Hello George Orwell' - Rev James David Manning in HD - Rev James David Manning


    Newtown Father Blasts Gun Control Proposals

56 Million Exterminated Under the Guise of Gun Control

The History of Gun Control - FULL LENGTH Film

Revolt! Towns, States Move to Nullify Illegal Gun Control

Gun Control is Genocide - Documentary by Mike Adams

California Announces War Against Constitution - More Illegal Gun Laws

New York State Resistance - Against Illegal Gun Laws - The Resistance Begins 2013

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